About Us

Neuromonitoring Leaders

Neurowise is the neuromonitoring leader servicing the tri-state area (Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas) and is rapidly expanding. We see our surgeon, doctor, and hospital relationships as strategic, long-term, and enduring as evidenced by our strong foundation of partners.



Our IONM services for orthopedic surgeries enhance precision and safety, ensuring optimal outcomes for procedures involving bones, joints, and muscles.


Specializing in neurosurgical monitoring, we provide critical real-time insights during complex brain and spinal procedures, safeguarding patient neurological function.

Pain Procedures

Our neuromonitoring services for pain procedures ensure the precise targeting and effectiveness of treatments designed to alleviate chronic pain, enhancing patient comfort and recovery.


Our vascular IONM services support surgeries involving blood vessels, helping to prevent complications and improve recovery times by monitoring vital neurological signals.


We deliver expert neuromonitoring for ENT surgeries, protecting nerve function during procedures on the ears, nose, and throat to enhance surgical outcomes and patient safety.


In cardiothoracic operations, our IONM services play a vital role in monitoring and preserving neurological integrity during heart and lung surgeries.

Our Values

  • Integrity and Trust

    We believe in honest and regular feedback from our partners to continually improve our services.

  • Excellence in Service

    Our team is composed of board-certified and board-eligible Neurophysiologists who are committed to excellence in every procedure.

  • Patient-Centered Care

    We leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to stay at the forefront of IONM services.

  • Innovation

    Every decision and innovation is made with the patient’s best outcome in mind.

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Why Work With Us?

Affiliated with these trustworthy organizations

Neurowise has established partnerships that enable us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and industry standards. These relationships not only enhance our capabilities but also ensure that we provide our clients with the most effective and innovative intraoperative neuromonitoring services available. By choosing Neurowise, you’re partnering with a leader in the field committed to excellence and continuous improvement.